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Snorkeling in Palawan

Ok, so I have to admit that our one and only reason for getting to Palawan was to stay at the Pangulasian Island Resort. But we figured, "what the heck, we're in El Nido anyways so let's stay a night or two." The reason for this was that we knew once we got to Pangulasian Island, we were not going to want to leave (even though they do a handful of complimentary snorkeling tours). I did my research beforehand and found out which tour I wanted to go on. Currently, the Philippine government manages which tours are permitted (which is a good thing as it keeps ecological destruction to a minimum). I went with Tour A which includes Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, and snorkeling around Simizu Island. We opted to add on the kayaks which made getting around the lagoons quicker so we got to see more! The tours can be booked at many locations in downtown El Nido as all of the tour routes are the same. I went with the El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe to purchase my tickets. The process was extremely quick and they took credit cards (rack up those points at every opportunity).

We awake the next morning and met out front of the cafe and were then kayaked out to our awaiting boat (or Paraw). There were 6 other people on our boat not including Ross and I. This kept the adventure more intimate feeling. Our guides were extremely friendly, courteous, and were willing to show us the best time they could. We also had an amazing grilled fish lunch (included in price) right on the boat with sides including salad and rice. There were also chicken and meat options for the non seafood eaters.

The entire 5 hour trip cost a mere P1900 ($37.53 USD as of this writing) and I got 3 points per dollar using my Citi Prestige card. One of my go to credit cards for travel (especially on those 4 night trips!).

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