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The Traveling Dudes here! 


Our journey started on a trip to the Philippines (where we ended up getting engaged). The trip was absolutely magical.  To add, it was really the first time we strategized our credit card points and promotions in order to fly 1st Class and stay in hotels we previously wouldn't have been able to afford. 


We where hanging out poolside at Pangulasian Island Resort (El Nido, Palawan) and couldn't believe it.  It was like that moment where you think to yourself, "how are we really here?!? And why haven't we been traveling like this sooner?!"  The real reason was, we just never really sat down to figure out how too.  The Philippines was really the first time we both did the needed work.

When planning for a trip, we take on pretty specific roles; Jarett focuses on flights, schedules, and how to reap the best rewards (more the finance guy). Ross focuses on places to stay (from private island retreats to luxury hotels) where to eat, and where to shop till you drop (the luxury guru)!   

Since we had such great success with our Philippines trip, we decided to build a platform where we could share our planning techniques, reviews, and experiences.

Our blog has the tendency to focus on more luxury travel, though we are definitely mindful of finding the best deal available.  We completely empathize with budgeted travel and through proper planning, utilizing points, and even negotiating with hotel properties, have been able to create memorable experiences for far less than you'd imagine.

On May 6th, 2018, we got married so now The Traveling Dudes are also husbands!  We currently live in Los Angeles, California, both operating our own successful businesses.  No matter what changes in our lives, travel is a huge part of who we are.  We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.


Ross, Jarett, and our late Siberian Husky Miss Maxwelle

Our amazing day with the elephants.jpg

Us spending some quality time with Elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand 

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